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Welfare & Safeguarding

This year, The Nationals will have a Welfare & Safeguarding Officer on site for the duration of the event. The role of this Officer is to be there for all children on the camp - A safe person to discuss concerns and anxieties on & away from the training pitch.


We know that many of our keepers have not spent many nights completely away from home & parents before, which can lead to anxiety and homesickness. We recognise that it can be daunting, especially if a keeper is attending without prior friends or from a different country.

That's why we take it seriously & ensure we provide a welcoming environment for our goalkeepers.

Attending or Travelling Alone

The transformation in confidence and the speed at which our group of goalkeepers become close friends is always the most satisfying thing to see as organisers of The Nationals.

We'll room our Keepers logically based on age and ensure they are in the same groups on the pitch too, so they get to know eachother before the first night.

We have attendees coming back for the 3rd time in a row this year. They started as solo attendees, and now they're requesting to be roomed with the friends they made last year!

Travelling from abroad

We'll be welcoming many people travelling from overseas to The Nationals, either on their own or with parents.

What do you need?
- Your own transport
- Your own travel insurance

Special Arrangements

When booking your place, you'll be asked to complete an attendee form which provides us with all the information we need, such as emergency contact numbers, dietry requirements, medications and much more.

There will be a section for 'additional information' which is information that can be provided to our Safeguarding and Welfare Officer. If you have extra information you think our qualified officer should know, this is where you can let us know.

A Message from Martin Brennan, Lead Coach at The Nationals

Other FAQ's

Key Times (pick up/drop off etc)

Week Camp Check in - Sunday 28th between 1pm-4pm

Weekend Camp Check in - Friday 2nd August between 8:45am-9:15am

Weekend Days Only - 9am drop off each morning. Pick up 5:30pm -6pm each day. Sunday pick up 4:00pm

I'm worried about my child staying overnight

Since starting The Nationals in 2022, we've seen many young children have concerns & worries on day 1, with parents deciding to stay locally overnight just incase they get the call! We're proud that so far, every child has stayed the night, and by night 2 are absolutely loving the experience away from parents! For some, it's a huge milestone and achievement, and we make sure we recognise that. Many of the younger kids come away with a sense of pride and added confidence which is incredible to see.

Refund Policy

We understand circumstances can change when booking camps far in advance.

Please email to start the refund process

Refunds are issued in full minus a 20% admin fee

Girls on the camp - How many attend?

We of course welcome girls to join The Nationals and are striving to increase the number of female goalkeepers represented at The Nationals.

In previous years, girls have represented between 15-20% of attendees. We'd love to increase this representation this year.

We have sought feedback from our previous attendees in order to provide the best experience for our goalkeepers. This year, Lydia Williams joins the coaching team, and there will be a female liaison officer on site at The Nationals at all times during the camp.

Child Safeguarding Policy

We strive to provide the safest environment for our goalkeepers. With the venue hosted at a school, there are already strict measures in place around authorised access on the grounds.

All of our coaches are DBS checked and have extensive experience coaching goalkeepers of all ages.

We separate boys & girls into different dorms. We also have a strict policy on room mixing after being advised to rooms at around 10pm each evening.

In addition, we have our dedicated Welfare & Safeguarding Officer on site at all times.

What ages can attend?

Only goalkeepers aged 8-18 can attend the Nationals at the time of the event (28th July 2024). This is unfortunately a strict policy for insurance reasons

What communications will I get after booking?

You will receive booking confirmation which will include an The Nationals 2024 Attendee Form. It is essential this is filled out.

You will then receive regular communications for everything you need to know and make you excited for the camp!

What is the booking process?

After booking a place on The Nationals, you will be sent a quick information form with your order confirmation.

Here, you'll be asked any key information about your child, like allergies, disabilities, emergency contact number etc.

We'll also ensure we have their name, age and gender so we can begin planning their group & room to ensure we can provide the best and most seamless check in experience.

My child has allergies or disabilities that may require assistance

After booking The Nationals, you will be required to fill in a quick information form about your child. Here we will ask all the information we need to know, such as required medications, allergies or disabilities.

Can I stay & watch the training?

Yes! Please feel free to watch the training sessions. Parents will not be permitted to enter the school building, so only the outdoor training sessions will be able to be viewed.

There will be refreshments available for spectators

Can I contact my child during the event?

Your child is welcome to bring a mobile phone or device to keep in touch with parents.

The keepers will be very busy during the day! But will have plenty of free time in the evenings.

If your child does not have a mobile phone but wants to talk to parents, we have your emergency contact numbers stored safely (submitted when booking), and we can arrange a phone call

Where can I stay locally to Haileybury?

There are a number of hotels near Haileybury. The closest towns all have hotels and are:




How do I get to the venue?

Address: Haileybury, Hertford SG13 7NU

By rail There are two main railway stations close to Haileybury. Hertford North to London (Moorgate or Kings Cross) is a 40-minute journey. Broxbourne to London (Liverpool Street) is 35 minutes. Hertford North is a 5-minute car ride from Haileybury and Broxbourne is 10 minutes away. 

By road Haileybury is conveniently located close to the A10 and easily accessible via the M25, A1(M), M11 and A414. The School is situated in the village of Hertford Heath and the postcode is SG13 7NU. 

• From the South East Leave the M25 at junction 25 to join the A10 north (Cambridge), exiting the A10 at Hoddesdon. 

• From the South West Leave the M25 at junction 21a to join the A405, then the A414 to Hatfield and on to Hertford. The B1197 leads to Hertford Heath village. 

• From the North Leave the A1(M) at junction 4 for the A414 to Hertford, or leave the M1 at junction 7 (St Albans) for the A414 to Hertford. 

• From the East Via the M11 leave at junction 7 (Harlow) for the A414 to Hertford. 


What do we need to pack?

  • Goalkeeper kit - For the Week event, there is unfortunately no washing facilities, so please ensure you bring enough kit to last 8 days of training. There will be space to hang clothing in rooms. 1 Goalkeeper kit set will be provided.
  • Goalkeeper Gloves - There will be a chance to buy gloves during the event, but please ensure you have at least 1 pair of your own
  • Boots - The training surface will be a mix of 4G artificial turf and grass. Both are recommended with moulded boots.
  • Casual clothing - There'll be plenty of downtime in the evenings, so bring appropriate casual clothing to wear then
  • Swimming clothes - For the pool recovery sessions
  • Waterproofs and a cap - A good idea to bring so you can deal with whatever the UK weather decides to do!
  • Toiletries
  • A towel for showering
  • Snacks - some snacks will be provided, however with a lot of training, we know it's important to keep fuelled! Bring extra energy bars or food if you think you'll need it.
  • Phones/Devices - It will be your child's responsibility to look after any devices and we would encourage them to leave them in their rooms/common rooms and not out onto the pitches.

Can I room with a friend?

When you purchase The Nationals, you'll be sent a contact form that must be completed prior to attending.

Here, there is an option to list a roommate(s) if you also know they are attending. We'll do our best to fulfil this wish, however it cannot be guaranteed.

What is the accommodation like?

Find everything you need to know about the venue here

Do we have to share a room?

Accommodation available to us are all 2, 3 and 4 bed rooms. We ensure that keepers are roomed together in the most appropriate way. Of course, there are no mixed gender rooms, and keepers are roomed together based on age and the groups they are likely to be put in during training, so a rapport between roommates will already be built.

If you have a strong desire to be roomed on your own, please contact us. Whilst we cannot guarantee we can accommodate this request, we will do our best, to make sure you feel comfortable.

What else is included?

  • 1x Goalkeeper Kit (shirt, shorts, jumper)
  • Goodie bag from our partners, gloveglu
  • Entry to the Superstar GK event on Sunday 4th August 2024

What's the food like?

Haileybury provides excellent and nutritious food to it's students that can cater for all allergies and intolerances.

What's the best airport to fly to?

By air: London Heathrow (50 minutes by car), London Stansted (30 minutes) and London Luton (40 minutes) airports are within easy reach of Haileybury. London Gatwick Airport (75 minutes) is only slightly further away. All are served by rail links to central London. 

How will different abilities be split?

We're passionate about providing an incredible coaching experience, so we'll always ensure groups sizes are kept small, with a coach:player ratio between 1:8-15.

Initially, we'll split these by age groups. However we're vigilant during the first few sessions to move players around to ensure they get the maximum benefit over the camp by matching their ability to the correct group.

Mobile Phone Policy

There are no issue with attendees bringing their mobile phones or other devices. There is downtime in the evenings, and it's a good way of staying in touch with parents.

However, this is at your own risk. We strongly advise that phones and devices are kept in rooms and not taken down to the training pitches.

The Nationals does not bear any responsibility for lost items

More questions? We can help!